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    At Sam & Rose Stein Education Center school, our programs range from brief early intervention and preventive work with troubled young people, to treatment with school age kids, to long-term special education and training for individuals with developmental disabilities. We can be found assisting families in very difficult situations in many of our communities large and small, rural and suburban. You will see our caring staff working with challenging populations that most other agencies shy away from in areas that are conveniently located to the people we serve.

    The Education Program serves special education students 5 – 22 years of age and operates at three campus sites in San Diego. The program serves students with developmental disabilities such as autism as well as students with emotional disorders and behavioral concerns.

    Individualized education and behavior programs are developed for each student to meet their specific needs. An intensive student to staff ratio is used, involving special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, psychologists and other aide level staff.

    Both academic and community-based functional curriculum options are available. Vocational training and transition services are provided to secondary level students. Consultation with a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist is available as well.

    We Serve In San Diego, CA.


    We also offer:

    Special Education, Vocational Education

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    Name: Jess M. of San Diego

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    Stein is a really good school for kids with autism. It has helped my brother not be so much of a monster and his social skills and education has improved.